strange things in my life

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am big i have faced new strange things in this month .on 12 th this monthi had a robber who came to our house to steal my mountain bike which was a prize to me from afriend of who was a kenyan.  And ths guy came in the mornig it was like 6 am and the was open and the guy tried to take my bike on his back to run wuth it and he was seen by mum and she shouting big big the guy is stealing your bike and i waked up . do u  khnow every the guy did every one he thrown the bike and he run . All the neighbours of ours started to chase the guy and they beaten him upto death.

 Ikhnow every one will one will he didnt deserve that , i tried my level best to stop people from beating the guy and the only thing they were saying we shall also beat u because they had the anger to beat the rober. And praying to god to forgive me and my family  because what if e didnt shout he would have not been dead and am so sad about that .

About my team really i like my team in life and i dont that there is some one who can change me my heart although we have been having aproblem about last week that we didnt had the money to go to play theleague match. BUT am filling happy in my life that am playing first division league although by the time we entered the league i got scared a bout the team we were going to ply with because our team we are young and playing with people of 30,25 ,28 years and there are exeperienced and by the time i started to i saw every easy to me and am now confident to want my christian alexander told me at the training. AND am now filling  happy and great to be in christian alexander fc.   


hey world

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am big really happy that ion the weekend i scored the second goal for my team  and i am great and foot ball is not an easy game in all games in the world


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hi every am big saying hi aand wishing happy easter holiday but for me am having amatch on the easter and let me tell u that football is a easy game.


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am big am really cool  and uganda is also cool .And for the team it is really great because the team is in the seventh position but things are going on so well .

My Back ground.

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iam big i come from a family five children and iam the oldest brother .my parents were together for some years but some time i dont like to talk about my back ground because i grew up through had life strugling had to be like iam with my family. we were .in agood way while we were poor so realy i come from a poor family  suported by one person my muum who sells yellow banana in kawempe division so it is acompetitive father divorced my muum when i was 16 years old but the was that my father got new lady whom i can call mystep muum  and when i started to world is .first of all he stoped paying our school fees so far my muum i had asmall bussiness and the busssiness i joined when i was 12 .so far people liked me and they good like to buy from me because people they asking me why icould work when iam young and i could tell them that iam looking for fees and in kawempe iam like acelebrity because every person khows me and thing isthat iam a famous footballer in my far i have spent two years whithout going to school and my dreams is to go back to  school to help my my family so far i still like my step my dad because god said to forgive and forget. my another dream is to be aproffesional footballer .  i wish also to thank christian and his family who has helped me to give good advise which has also helped mylife and also christian who taught the computer so that i can comunicate to every one in the world may god bless him.


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am max.  i feel good when am in this team,  actually i believe without it i can not feel good.

my name is big

January 22, 2008 - One Response

I am big age of 16, I am staying at Kawempe near Kampala.  i am a footballer from christian alexander fc. it is ateam which is playing in first division in kawempe Division.


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Hi, my name is Christian.  I’m an American who has just helped some of my friends here in Uganda sign up for a blog.  I hope they use it!

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!